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Do plants hold the secret to stopping our skin from ageing? As a creator of organic, plant-based skincare, it concerns me people don’t believe in the power of natural ingredients. Just because something is botanical doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly effective.


As skincare shoppers, we’re all attracted to words like ‘lipids’, ‘omegas’, ‘antioxidants’, ‘vitamins’ and ‘minerals.’ We know that these nutrients keep our skin healthy and fight the signs of ageing. We make award-winning brand Holos Skincare with plants that contain these nutrients naturally. The plants oils, butters and extracts used to produce our skincare are filled with these age-preventing compounds. They are alive and active in the plant ingredients.


Holos Skincare

Why Plant Ingredients?

We use plant ingredients because they are small enough to pass through the dermal layers of the skin, delivering these nutrients to the deeper layers. This strengthens the skin at a deeper level so when the top layers shed and unveil the nutrient rich layer below, the skin is softer, smoother and more youthful.

At Holos we use plant oils like argan, sweet almond, jojoba, coconut and rosehip. Our plant butter ingredients include shea and cocoa. The anti-oxidants in plant oils and butters fight free radicals that damage and premature ageing in the skin. They contain high levels of essential fatty acids, omegas and lipids. As we age we lose lipids from the skin, causing it to sag because lipids keep the skin lubricated, soft and smooth.


Fine lines appear as the skin loses lipids. Lipids lock the water into the skin, so less water means lines are more pronounced on the face. Using plant oils is a natural and easy way to replace lost lipids in your skin. After only a few days of using Holos Love Your Skin Anti-ageing Facial Oil or This is More Multi-Use Oil, the difference in your skin will be visible. The oils replace lost lipids and nurture the skin with essential fatty acids so it’s plumped out and smoother.


Holos Skincare

Creating skincare products using plant oils, butters and extracts is not as simple as putting in as much as you want. It’s important to know how much is too much, the point at which it could cause problems for the skin. It’s necessary to restrict some plants to specific amounts because plants are very effective. When used correctly they can deliver significant benefits to the skin. When used incorrectly they may not. Holos Skincare takes plant ingredients and uses them in ways that are highly effective on the skin. Yes plants are natural, but they are powerful, healing and amazing ingredients to add into your skincare routine. Just try Holos Love Your Skin Anti-ageing Facial oil for a few days and see the difference for yourself.


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