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The Essential SIX


The Essential… SIX!

SIX steps to Make Up Perfection has never been so simple.

BeautiEdit has created the most versatile brush set you will ever need, the lucky SIX!

Our synthetic hair brushes are vegan Friendly & cruelty-Free.
This luxury brush set has been carefully crafted with all your Face, Contour, Highlight and Eye-ssentials.
So, whether you prefer the natural look or something more detailed and dramatic, you will have the right tools to achieve it.

Meet Your SIX.


  • 411 – Super Soft Powder. Got the 411? When it comes to setting and perfecting this is the only brush you’ll ever need.
  • 007 – Large Fluffy Multi. It’s your Bond Girl moment. From Highlighting your cheeks to Defining your brow bone, your 007 will have you looking badass in seconds.
  • 7 – Angled Blush/Contour. Everyone needs a Lucky Number 7. Blush, maybe Contour? The Number 7 is your stroke of Good Luck.
  • 11.11 – Soft Angle. If ever you needed a sign this is it. Defining your eyeshadow to a heavenly finish is no miracle with your 11.11
  • 15 – Dynamic Eye Detailer. Sometimes 15 seconds is all you need or have. Let your number 15 do the work for you. From adding that pop of colour to smudging that under eye. 15 seconds is all it takes.
  • 101 – Soft Straight Angle. When there is a lesson to be learned let your brows do the teaching. Command attention with a strong or fluffy brow effortlessly with your 101

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Beauti Edit

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